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INES Saas Alliance

The best of SaaS world

Thanks to ISA (INES SaaS Alliance), INES enables companies to benefit from the best of SaaS (Software as a Service), offering additional solutions to complement their CRM applications, in several business development areas.

Become part of ISA and offer your customers the best of SaaS through applications specially conceived for business development.

Web conferences

Web conference turnkey and subscription-free service for your information, recreational or training meetings. Content organization and creation, assistance during the meeting, recreation/animation, report writing and stats development. You just need phone access and internet connection to use it.

Web identification

WebleadsTracker is an innovative solution that offers the immediate generation of Leads in the SaaS mode. Webleads Trackers enables users to get commercial data from companies visiting their websites, even if those haven´t completed the contact form.

Your visual identity in INES

Company presentation 24/7, INES expert enabling you to reinforce your corporate image by personalizing commercial documents (email signature, quotations, invoices, delivery notes(US)/dispatch notes (UK) ... = in your INES apps.

IP telephony

Ixperia offers a comprehensive telephony software solution that enables companies to access advanced collaborative functionality easily and, consequently, to increase contributor´s productivity. Ixperia advises decision-makers by offering customizable solutions that are adapted to their needs.

Online Shop creator

ITIS Commerce provides turnkey solutions:

- ITIS Commerce: ecommerce full solution

- ITIS cart: internet cart to make your current website become one that is able to be used for online shopping. The company takes care of every stage: single creation, customization and deployment, as well as training aiming at achieving a fully autonomous management.

Mobile technology

Media Tech Softwares specializes in Customer Relationship Management´ through mobile technology (SMS, MMS, Web Mobile, mobile apps).

Creates, commercializes and manages SaaS custom-made solutions for a wide range of industries.


GE-DATA, present in France and the USA, revolutionizes the Geo-Marketing era with its neoMapper product range. Based on Google Earth´s technology it allows to generate interactive maps in a matter of clicks that provide a summarized outlook of SMEs and industries´ business and marketing activities.

Electronic file management

BATIGED is a document-management portal aimed at players in the construction and public works industries: blueprints, reports, charts, planning, descriptives and photos. Its protected structure enables to archive and consult documents 24/7, on an access-rights basis, just by means of an internet access.

Solutions de Mobilité

"INES, le CRM de la mobilité" constitue une offre complète de solution CRM avec l'abonnement data 3G + SFR pour y accéder en mobilité.