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INES offers INES.University, a continuous professional training program for administrators and users.

If you are an INES administrator: this program consolidates your knowledge of data system management and its exploitation. You learn new techniques and improve your competence to become an INES program expert.

If you are an INES user or have recently joined the team, this program trains, levels you up or improves you. Develop new skills to grow in your current position and in your professional projects.

We are with you every step of the way to monitor your progress no matter your starting level, goals and needs.

INES.University web seminars

  • Pre-defined program: training web seminars 
  • Range of courses: courses in various levels that revisit each INES CRM or INES.ERP module functionality
  • E-learning: easy access to the courses
  • Inter-company training: enriching courses, chance to share and receive a return in terms of company experiences
  • 10-people max courses; better interaction between trainers and participants
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