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The CRM to reduce attrition of your lines Park!

  • Manage your assets and contracts right
  • Avoid overlooking overlooking renewal dates and reduce client portfolio and effective contract losses
  • Take timely actions anticipating your competitors
  • Develop your commercial reputation and make new client search easier
  • INES.Telecom is also available in a version that is customised to Bouygues and SFR distributors

Every operator states that the more freedom the client has when selecting its access supplier, the greater the added value to the service that operator provides is.

INES has developed a unique solution that integrates all the necessary stages in order to keep ongoing contract clients, as well as increases sales and generates new contracts: asset management, contract management, client relationship management,  marketing actions management, automated alerts…

INES.Telecom is a complete and flexible CRM solution that provides a solution to this issue and is especially adapted to the industry´s challenges.

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