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French first editor of CRM solutions in Saas mode

Our mission: growth accelerator

Dakota Box - INES CRM

"Un outil qui accompagne le changement et permet le développement"

Prospactive Frédéric Liotard

Dakota Box - INES CRM

"The main benefit we have obtained from the use of INES is the systematic recording and organizing of the interactions with our customers".

FP International Pierre Vu

Dakota Box - INES CRM

"Thanks to our collaborative information system, our productivity has increased 20%"

Foretec Jean-Marc Defour

INES CRM is an expert in customer relationships, commercial performance and marketing.
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INES CRM, client relationship expert, marketing and commercial performance.

In 1999, INES CRM positions as the first French editor in commercializing CRM and ERP online software. Gathering great experience and wide recognition in the SaaS cloud world, INES CRM contributes to thousands of SMEs and Micro enterprises in the management of their customer relationships. INES contributors, experts in B2B strategies, give advice to their clients in the setting up of efficient commercial and marketing processes, as well as in the strategies and approaches towards changes to implement. Decision-makers have changed their perspectives and buying behaviour, what has made inevitable to rethink strategies and seize these new commercial challenges from a different standpoint and, as a result, sell more and better.

INES has created CRM solutions aimed at customer service, marketing, the sales force and commercial management, thought out for its clients to also be able to place their own clientele in the center of their own commercial strategy. Nowadays, counting on a 360 ° perspective of the customer relationship is vital in order to offer a comprehensive and unique experience.