Google Api Services Disclosure

INES use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Google User Data Access

When you install INES CRM Add-on your Google/Workspace account, you are asked to accept the following authorizations:

Why does INES need those permissions?

Google Drive
  • Attach any of your Drive files to appointments, tasks, clients, etc. on the CRM
  • To create Drive documents from the CRM.
  • Share any of your Drive files you choose with others (read only or edit mode)
  • To save your email on the CRM while using the Add-on
  • To send emails on your behalf from the CRM
  • Contacts synchronization between Google and INES
  • Appointments and tasks synchronization between Google and INES.

Data Storage

INES uses third-party cloud computing services to host its CRM platform and store and process CRM Data.

The security of your personal data is important to us.
INES has established policies and procedures that define the appropriate safeguards for protecting your sensitive information. These safeguards include the implementation and use of security software, security processes, and a team of security professionals that manages and monitors the security of the INES network and your sensitive data.

Which Google data we store?

Type of Data

What we store


User Identification
GMail address and username
To identify you

When you choose to save and email from the Add-on, we store
  • email body, subject and attachments
  • recipients email addresses
Allows you to access the email on the CRM

The calendar synchronization stores:
  • Appointment id
  • Description, location, modification date
  • Start date and end date
Allows you to see and edit your Google calendar appointments on the CRM

The contact synchronization stores:
  • Id
  • Names, addresses, notes, birthday
  • Phone numbers, emails
  • Organization
Allows you to see and edit your Google contacts on the CRM

When you choose to attach a Google Drive document to a CRM element (like company, contact, etc.) We store:
  • Resource Id
  • Name
  • Label (spreadsheet, document, etc.)
Allows you to see and visit the Drive files that are attached to CRM elements
Last updated: June 17, 2022